Greak is a fine sword wielder but is also good with a crossbow, a ranged attack weapon. But the arrows fired are numbered, so if you keep firing at those pesky Plague Bats, you’re sure to run out alarming fast. To find more arrows, you either have to buy them, loot them, or kill Urlags.

The simplest but most expensive way is to buy them for Two Cribes from the Valgor the Blacksmith at Raven’s Road Camp. That’s Two Cribes for every bolt, and they only have a supply of 30.

The best method to find arrows is by smashing up boxes that you find on your travels. Upon smashing these, you may or may not get arrows, but more likely will than not. You’ll only get a few arrows per box, but it’s the best way to acquire them.

The last way is to kill the Urlag monsters that you start seeing pretty often. These may be tough, but when they die, they often drop arrows.

You often use the crossbow in the early game, but when you find your second party member, who uses ranged magic to attack. Using your crossbow because less useful unless you need a greater range than magic.

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