In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Luncheon Toad Skin is one of the new crafting materials added in the latest expansion. An essential part of numerous crafting recipes, especially those for Leather Workers, Luncheon Toad Skin can sell for a great price and is also needed for some Crafting Quests and new Levemetes. 

To find Luncheon Toad Skin, there’s two methods. The first is to head to The Medial Circuit in Labryinthos, and slay Luncheon Toads. Luncheon Toads have a chance to drop their skins when killed.

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But if braving low drop-rates isn’t to your liking your best option is Bicolor Gemstones. Bicolor Gemstones are a form of currency which drops from completing FATEs in either the Shadowbringers or Endwalker areas. Simply complete a FATE and you’ll be gifted some Bicolor Gemstones. In Endwalker areas, that amount is currently 14 Gemstones per fate completed.

Then you’ll have to head to Fazebroes <Gemstone Trader> in Labryinthos, by The Archeion Aetheryte. He’s located at the X: 30, Y: 13 coordinates. Fazebroes will trade two Bicolor Gemstones for a single Luncheon Toad Skin. This means you can effectively grind out seven Luncheon Toad Skins per FATE.

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If you’re really struggling to find them, and are desperate, you can also find the skins on the Market Board in major cities. However, with the item being new and in high demand, you’ll likely pay through the nose for it. For now it’s best to use direct farming or Bicolor Gemstones to get this item. 

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