In Elden Ring, players will get the option to respec their character once they have progressed significantly through the first two demi-gods. After defeating Rennalla, the Full Moon Queen, the demi-god boss will turn into an NPC and allow players to respec their characters through Rebirth

Players will need to find Larval Tears in order to respec their characters from Rennalla. These are found all around the map, and the following list features all the areas where players will find Larval Tear:

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  • Agheel Lake South Site Of Grace at Limgrave – Eliminate a weak enemy located on the cliff who turns into a giant bear. Eliminate the bear to acquire this item
  • Mimic Tear Site Of Grace at Nokron, Eternal City – Eliminate the Mimic boss to acquire Larval Tear
  • Nokron, Eternal City – Found by eliminating Silver Tear enemies
  • Village of the Albinurics – Found on tombstone near the hanging bridge
  • Caria Manor – Found on a graveyard after eliminating Royal Knight Loretta

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You can also purchase Larval Tear from two NPCs in exchange for Runes:

  • Siofra River Merchant – 3000 Runes
  • Pidia Carian Servant – 3000 Runes

Players will also get the option to change the Tarnished’s appearance by selecting Cosmetics after interacting with Rennalla. While that comes for free, Rebirth will require players to find and present Rennala with a Larval Tear. After reaching Nokron, Eternal City players can essentially farm Larval Tears by eliminating Silver Tear opponents.

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