At some point in Yakuza Like A Dragon, you will find and get a Silver key, which can then be used to open certain safes for rare gear. You can also get rare Gold keys that serve the same purpose as Silver keys. That said, here is how to get the keys in Yakuza Like A Dragon.

How to find Gold Keys

In short, to get Gold keys in Yakuza Like A Dragon, you need to find a hidden shop. In these hidden shops you can find various rare items or gear; there are a total of three hidden merchants you can find. However, there is only one that you should seek out; keep reading to find out more.

The best one and the easiest to find out of the three hidden shops is the one near the Sunrise Bridge; however, before you can visit this shop, you will need the foreman job or had it at least once and have got the Demolish skill unlocked. If you haven’t got the job yet, read our job guide on how to unlock it. But once you do get some golden keys, you can then use them to open various golden safes.

Inside these said safes, you will find anything from high-quality health and MP items to extremely powerful weapons and armor, so in the end, it’s definitely worth tracking these keys down.

After that, that is about everything for this guide. For more on Yakuza Like Dragon, visit our Yakuza guide page.

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