After returning to the Nova Corp. base in Chapter 7 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the player can obtain Gamora’s Nova Corp. Outfit. The player can find it in a flooded area near some stairs.

The guardians will descend a staircase after going through the same area that Quill had gone through with Nikki in Chapter 2. At this point, Quil and Rocket are discussing whether Nikki and her mother have survived.

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The correct way to continue the game is through the door. Going down the stairs, pictured here, is where you’ll find the outfit.

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You should not go into the water as it is a trap. Instead, shoot the electric conduit to turn it off. The water is now safe to cross, so get close enough to instruct a guardian on what to do with the door. Tell Gamora to break the cage-like door.

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You can now enter the door and see the container waiting for you. In it, you’ll find Gamora Nova Corp’s outfit.

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