Diamond is a rare resource in Subnautica Below Zero, so here’s where to find and get it in the game.

How to get Diamond in Subnautica: Below Zero

To get Diamond in Subnautica Below Zero, you will need to mine primarily from large deposits found in various locations in the game.

Tree spires and the Koppa Mining are two good places to start as they often contain large quantities of the diamond. On top of these two locations, you can also find large amounts of diamonds at the following locations listed below.

  • Artic spires
  • Deep Twisty Bridges
  • Thermal Spires
  • Glacial Basin
  • Thermal Spires Caves
  • Crystal Caves
  • Delta Island

If you don’t know how to find these locations, there is an excellent map tool you can use at subnauticamap.io that will highlight all of these locations.

However, keep in mind that in some of these locations, you might need to build air pipes so you can dive deeper. You can also get diamonds occasionally from Sea Monkey creatures after you reach the point where you retrieve Al-An.

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That being said, once you get diamonds, you will be able to make the following items.

  • Habitat Builder
  • Fabricator

Both of these items are very useful later in the game, the fabricator especially. This is because the fabricator can be used to create a ton of items such as food, equipment, tools, and even water from various types of materials. 

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