Multitools are extremely handy in Jupiter Hell as they allow you to use computer systems to unveil the entire map and show you where exits are, or even reveal tracking data that shows you where all enemies are.

Finding multitools is pretty much random unless you play as the Technician class who comes with three by default. You can find multitools in chests and by killing enemies. They appear as wrenches on the floor—just press A or Space to pick them up, and then when you find a system you can use them with, such as the JoviSec HelloSystem.

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The other wrench icon is a mod. Always Left Trigger or Shift to find out what it is!

Upon interacting with a system like the JoviSec, a menu appears with options, and inside most options are the ability to use multitools to your advantage:

  • Access Security
    • Initiate Purge (Three Multitool)
      • Sercurity units will kill everything in sight.
    • Disable Drone(s) (Two Multiool)
      • Disable all drones on this level.
    • Hack Drone(s) (Four Multiool)
      • Switch all drones on this level to friendly.
  • Access Recon
    • Reveal Map (One Multitool)
      • Reveals map, terminals, and stations on the current level.
    • Tracking Data (Three Multitool)
      • Download tracking data for all entities on the currentl level.

If you find a CoreTek Technical Machine on your run, you have the option to use some of the charges of the machine and turn them into more multitools or use multitools to add more charges onto the CoreTek. It depends on how your run is going and what is needed at the time.

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