Vulcan is a boss from Tower of Fantasy that can be found in either Ruin B-01, Ruin A-03 or other locations such as the Void Rift. The boss is in midair a majority of the time but can still be attacked with melee or ranged weapons, even when using its more powerful moves. They mostly use ranged attacks and can be difficult to dodge at first. This is how to find and defeat Vulcan in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find and defeat Vulcan in Tower of Fantasy

Vulcan can be found in Ruin, A-03, Ruin B-01 of Banges as well as in other locations such as the Void Rift. Similar to the Minotaur boss fight, the fight with Vulcan is straightforward when encountered in the Ruin but is a bit different when encountered anywhere else. When fighting the Vulcan, players will have the best chance of activating Phantasia when it fires its many projectiles. The moves to look out for are:

  • Fireball Burst – Vulcan will launch fireballs one after another. These are usually quick but don’t do too much damage.
  • Big Fireball – A large fireball will track the player after the boss charges it up with its staff. Players can dodge this easily if they are paying attention to the fireball as it grows from the staff.
  • Fire Geyser – After placing the staff on the floor, Vulcan will cause a geyser of fire to appear underneath a player. This is marked by a red highlight on the floor.
  • Burned Floor – Players will have to either be far away or in midair in order to avoid this attack. The entire floor will be set on fire and burn the player over time.
  • Laser Beam – Vulcan will use a fire beam that is best avoided by staying close to the boss or dodging through it.

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How to avoid damage from Vulcan in Ruin A-03 in Tower of Fantasy

When encountering the Vulcan in Ruin A-03, the environment will be used by the boss. After going into the air, the Vulcan will cause the ground to do damage to the player so long as they stand on it. There are four pillars that will raise up during this time and can protect players as long as they stand on them. Vulcan is entirely vulnerable during this time and can be shot at with any ranged Weapon.

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