The Aberrant Franken is a boss in Tower of Fantasy that can be found in multiple locations but is first found in Ruin A-02. As most Astra enemies are fairly straightforward, the bosses of it are meant to introduce new mechanics to the player. At harder difficulties, the Ruins will begin to pose a threat and players may struggle more than they thought they would. This is how to find and defeat Aberrant Franken in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find and defeat Aberrant Franken in Tower of Fantasy

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The Aberrant Franken is a boss in Tower of Fantasy that can first be encountered in Ruin A-02 on any difficulty. All Ruins in Astra and other locations will appear on the map. It will also appear in other locations and will always scale up to the level of the player. It only uses a few moves but they can all do a lot of damage if players aren’t careful.

  • Swing Combo – Abberant Franken will flail its arms around and end the attack with a large slam.
  • Slam Attack – The boss has a single large slam attack that it can perform which makes it dangerous to deal with at a close range.
  • Counter Shield – A blue shield will be applied that will cause attackers to have their damage reflected onto them. Attacking the Abberant Franken from the back can either mitigate the damage or prevent it altogether.

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How to defeat Aberrant Franken in the Void Rift in Tower of Fantasy

The Aberrant Franken encountered in the Void Rift has much more health than in the Ruins. When dealing with this boss, players don’t have to coordinate all that much, however, they must be careful of the shield the boss has. The shield will be visible as it is blue and will reflect damage to the attackers. When players encounter this, the group can attack the boss from behind instead to avoid damage. When healing, because players have to be close, the group will have to figure out whether they group up close to the Aberrant Franken or group up away from it with ranged attacks to get as much healing as possible.

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