One of five Christmas Quests added with Pet Simulator X’s Christmas Eve update, breaking Gingerbread Chests can seem like a painfully difficult endeavor. With little to no guidance from the experience itself, players may be wondering where these chests can be found, how much health they have, and how long it takes to break them. Luckily, we’ve created the quick guide below to help answer these questions, as well as offer a look at all of the other 2021 Christmas Quests.

All Christmas Quests

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In order to unlock the Sleigh Hoverboard, and the Saved Christmas achievement, players will need to complete the five quests listed below.

  • Break 100 Candy Canes
  • Break Two Gingerbread Chests
  • Collect 20 Million Gingerbread
  • Break 1,250 Candy Canes
  • Break 40 Gingerbread Chests

To track the progress of your quests, enter the cannon in Spawn World’s Shop Area to shoot yourself to Christmas Zone—here you will see a sign in front of Santa’s Sleigh that tells you your current quest and its details. Once you’ve completed the five quests listed on the sign you will be able to unlock the Sleigh Hoverboard.

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Finding Gingerbread Chests

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Similar to the Jack-O-Lantern Chests that were introduced during the Halloween event, Gingerbread Chests serve as large, seemingly indestructible, chests that randomly appear in various worlds. Each time that a new chest appears, around every 30 minutes or so, all players will be alerted with a pop-up on their screen that lists its location. These chests do give out a decent amount of Gingerbread, however they have a massive 50 trillion health, so you may want to gather some friends to help you take it down if your pets aren’t highly leveled!

Quests note

These quest requirements take, on average, around 20 hours to complete, so don’t feel discouraged if it begins to seem impossible—you’re not alone! Hoverboards can always be purchased with Robux if you decide that the Christmas Quests aren’t worth your time.

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