Scarlet Nexus is a Role-Playing Game, so it’s going to be full of side quests you can complete for an array of rewards.

To start finding side quests, you must have killed the first boss, Gunkin Perry or Dispen Perry, depending on which character you chose upon starting.

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You’ll eventually get a story quest to go to the site of a distress signal. When you gain control, next to the save point is an NPC with a Diamond above their head. A diamond indicates that NPC has a side quest that you can accept. This diamond also shows up on the mini-map and main map, so you know where to go to accept them.

Hold Y, Triangle, or E to accept. Once received, you can change the quest tracker to that of the side quest, so you don’t accidentally follow the story quest instead. If you have forgotten what to do in the quest, open up the Main Menu, navigate to the Story Tab, then press RT on Xbox, R1 on PlayStation, or E/Q on PC, to change to the Quests page, where you can see all side quests you have received.

After the side quest has been completed, you do not have to go back to the NPC you have acquired it from. You just head to the Quests page from above and press A, X, or Enter to report it has complete.

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