Players can upgrade their gear and buy perks in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. They will have an advantage when facing some of the significant threats they will encounter in the game. Players must find Basic and Advanced components to level up their perks and weapons.

Perks require players to pay “components” to access them. The player can find both Basic and Advanced components by exploring the various areas in the game.

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Advanced components will glow yellow and appear in harder-to-reach areas, whereas Basic components will glow white. Guardians of the Galaxy is a linear game, so for players to find the resources they need, they’ll need to thoroughly explore the areas they move through.

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It is recommended that players purchase the Components Localizer to find the Basic and Advanced components.

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When the player uses their visor, nearby components will appear in their HUD, and they will locate them much more quickly. The Advanced Components can often be hidden behind interesting traversal challenges.

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