You can have thralls in Conan Exiles, which are servants or slaves, depending on how you look at it. To break thralls, players must feed them while they work the “wheel of pain.”

There is a storage menu on the wheel of pain itself. Interact with the wheel of pain and place food items in it. That’s it; if food is available, thralls will eat from the wheel of pain. After a certain amount of time has passed, they can be broken and picked up from the wheel of pain like any item.

Image via Funcom

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It is possible to break thralls with any food that players can eat. Gruel, however, is the best food for breaking thralls. Players can make gruel at a campfire by converting 5 plant fiber and 1 seed into 10 gruel. Insert wood into a campfire with the ingredients and turn the campfire on to make gruel. It’s the same procedure as cooking meat.

The time it takes to break a thrall varies. The best thralls can take a long time to break and enslave on the wheel of pain. Thralls can be picked up into the player’s inventory and made to do whatever the player chooses.

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