Pelicans can be found in many places around the island of Yara. You are able to unlock Pelican Hunting Spots on your map while exploring the map. One of the best spots we can recommend is located in La Jaya section of the map—east coast of the main island.

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There is an option to feed the pelicans in Far Cry 6. In order to accomplish that you need to be patient and slow. Wait for the pelican to fly down to the ground and then slowly approach them while crouching not to scare it off. You might find them hiding in the bushes at times.

Similar to petting other animals, you will get a prompt to press a specific button to enter the feeding animation. You can do that multiple times, because if there is one pelican, then there is almost certainly another in close proximity.

You can also hunt them down by simply shooting at them with any of your weapons, and then gather the animal materials by looting them when they fall from the sky or drop on the ground.

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