To fast travel to your base in V Rising, you will need to use one of the many Vampire Waygate locations on the map. You can find these locations by going to their unique green gate icons. You will also need to climb to the top and find the gate. At the top, locate the Waygate and hold the F key to open the fast travel menu.

Vampire Waygate can help you get to your base quickly, but only if you built a Waygate at your base. To build a Vampire Waygate, you must first kill Polora the Feywalker. After killing Polora, you will be able to build the Vampire Waygate. Once made, you can then use it to teleport back to your base in V Rising. To teleport back to your base, open the fast travel menu at one of the public Vampire Waygates and then find the Waygate icon at your base and click it. 

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How to build a Vampire Waygate in V Rising?

After unlocking the Vampire Waygate, you can build one by opening the Build menu while inside your base. You can open the Build menu by pressing the B key. After opening the Build menu, you can build a Vampire Waygate by finding it under the Exterior section of the Build menu. Building a Vampire Waygate will cost the following resources: 

  • 100 Blood Essence: You can get Blood Essence by farming enemies or making it from hearts and other materials inside a Blood Press.
  • 20 Planks: You can make Planks in V Rising by chucking Wood Logs into a Sawmill. 
  • 20 Copper Ingots: You can make Copper Ingots inside the Furnace using Copper Ore.
  • 10 Gem Dust: You can make Gem Dust by breaking down various gems or by mining Gem Nodes in V Rising. 
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