To fast travel in Death Trash, you will need to find giant black pylons usually around the entrance to various locations, as shown below.

When you find these pylons, you will need to activate them, and once activated, you will be able to fast travel using them to various locations you already unlocked. 

To unlock more locations to fast travel, you will first need to visit them and activate them using these pylons. Locations can also have several of these pylons, so using them can be a helpful way to get to various parts of a location faster.

If you want to unlock more locations in the game, you can do so by visiting the world map. To get to the world map, simply leave the location or area you are in by finding the light blue exit.

After doing so, you should enter the world map, and from here, you will be able to travel to new locations by finding them by exploring the world map. To explore, click the left mouse button anywhere and your character will start heading in that direction, and sooner or later, you will find a new location to explore.

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