Materials are required in V Rising to create new gear and to upgrade your castle. Sulfur is a hugely important resource in the early stages of the game as it is required to create explosives to destroy walls and large resource deposits. Here is the best place to farm Sulfur ore.

Bandit Sulfur Quarry

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The best location at the beginning of the game to farm copper is the Bandit Sulfur Quarry. To gather Sulfur you will need a copper mace. This location is a Quarry to the west of Farbane Woods, that holds a large number of Sulfur deposits that respawn regularly. You will also find several chests surrounding the mine and a V Blood boss at the back of the quarry. Once you are equipped with copper gear, this is the best location to regularly farm chests and Sulfur. 

How to make Sulfur

To create Sulfur you need to turn Sulfur ore in to Sulfur. This is done by building a Furnace at your castle. The furnace requires 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore to build. Place your Sulfur ore in the input section and Sulfur will begin to be smelted. A single sulfur requires 20 sulfur ore to create. 

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