Rut-type Suppression and Rut-type Suppression + are Rare, and Epic materials dropped from any of the Rummy-type Others in the game. You may have to kill them for a while until this material is found, depending on the rarity of the material that you need.

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These are the Rut enemies you can get these materials from and where they can be farmed:

  • Rat Rut
    • Yuito
      • Kunad Highway—Junction
      • Hieno Mountain—Trailhead ~ Togetsu Area
    • Kasane
      • Abandoned Line 9—Inside Abandoned Line
      • Abandoned Line 9—Osukini Station
  • Cut Rut
    • Kasane
      • Mizuhagawa District—Construction Site

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If playing as Yuito, the Kunad Highway—Junction is the best place to farm, due to the four Rut-type not far from the entrance. When in this area, hop on top of a bus and use your Psychokinesis to drive the bus and run over the Kitchen Rummys to get to the area where the Rut’s spawn. Crash into them to instakill them, then kill the other two that spawn afterward. Once done, teleport to a new area, then return and rinse and repeat.

If playing as Kasane, go to the Abandoned Line 9—Inside Abandoned Line. Then just make your way through this area and Osukina Station. In Phase 7, you fight so many Rat Ruts. It’s the best place to farm.

Rut-type Suppression is used a lot in the exchanging of gifts to increase your bond with characters.

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