Lost Ark is an action-adventure MMO that is bursting with content. There is a lot to take in and experience in its world, including monsters, quests, and loot. One thing that you may have found yourself finding and collecting is Providence Stones, the heart-shaped stones. You may be wondering how to farm these and what they do.

The best way to farm Providence Stones is to complete quests and seek certain sort monsters. Once you have earned Providence Stones, you will want to seek out Traveling Merchants, who will trade them for Rapport items. These will spawn at random times in specific locations.

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Certain enemies such as Elite, Alpha, and bosses can reward you with Providence stones. The best way to farm them is to watch and seek Elite and Alpha enemies. Bull icons mark these, yellow highlighted enemies, or a double-sided ax emblem above the enemy.

Players can use Providence Stones to purchase Rapport items. These can then, in turn, be used to increase your Rapport with key NPCs. Doing so increases your favor with them and can earn you rewards and quests. So it is in your best interest to collect Rapport Stones!

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