Another iconic enemy that has always shown up in the Dragon Quest franchise is the Metal Slimes. These are both the dream and bane of all RPG gamers out there as they are incredible to find and kill. But the odds of actually killing them before they flee are extremely low at best!

How to farm metal slimes in Dragon Quest XI

The fastest way to level up in Dragon Quest XI is to farm Metal Slimes. These slimes are incredibly hard to kill, as they take very little damage and are prone to run away from a fight instantly. Metal Slimes can appear randomly in any location, but they are a few places you can go to increase your chances of battling them.

The metal family of monsters does not overly have a lot of HP; instead, they have incredibly high defense and evasion. Meaning, you’ll practically always hit them for 1 damage unless using a specific attack, and that’s if you hit them at all. They are a few surefire methods to 100% hit them, but they might run away before you even attack. There is nothing you can to stop them from running away. It’s more or less completely random.

Now, as you progress into the game, you may encounter Liquid Metal Slimes, Hardy Hands, and then King Metal Slimes. King Metal Slimes are the rarest of the rare, if you can manage to kill one of these, you’ll earn massive EXP, and we mean massive!

Though they have patched the game, that the limit you can earn in a single fight is 200k experience. Compared to something daft like 500k+!

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The Farming Method

This method can only be used in Act 3 or after, as this is the part of the game that requires the most grinding. Until this point, the game was pretty easy, but Act 3 and beyond is where it truly ramps up the difficulty.

For this method, you need Hero, Erik, Sylvando, JAde, and Rab, to be powered up by Pep. So fight any random enemy, and swap out the characters that become Pepped up. This saves the Pepped up state; it’s a handy trick!

However, for this method to work, you need Hero and Jade to become Pepped up again to use their individual Pep Powers. This means that you need to buy a Pep Pop for 200000G from the rebuilt Cobblestone shop, that Peps up all of your active team. Or a Pep pip, that Peps up one active party member.

Here are the abilities needed:

  • Hallelujah
    • Pep Power
      • Hero, Jade, and Erik need to be Pepped up to cast this.
        • It greatly increases EXP gained after winning a battle and earns you any rare items the enemy drops.
  • Electro Light
    • Pep Power
      • Hero, Sylvando, and Jade need to be Pepped up to use this.
        • Replaces enemies in battle with Metal Slimes.
  • Optional (but handy)
  • Dirge of Dundrasil
    • Pep Power
      • Hero and Rab need to be Pepped up.
        • Puts all enemies to sleep, including Metal Slimes.
  • Critical Claim
    • Erik ability
      • Learned from the Guile Section.
        • Guaranteed to kill anyone Metal Slime type in one hit.

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Once you have everyone Pepped up, save the game! Then do the following:

  1. Get into any random encounter. Have Hero, Erik, and Jade use Hallelujah Pep Power.
  2. Change Erik for Rab.
  3. Use a Pep Pop to Pep up everyone.
  4. Have Hero, Jade, and Slyvando use Electro Light to turn all enemies into Metal Slimes. What type of Metal Slimes appear depends on your party’s level.
    • Lvl 50 you get three Metal Slimes
    • Lvl 60, you get two Liquid Metal Slimes and one Metal Slime.
    • Lvl 70+ you get one King Metal Slime and two Liquid Metal Slimes.
  5. Use a Pep Pip on Hero to get him Pepped up again.
  6. Have Hero and Rab use Dirge of Dundrasil to put all enemies to sleep.
  7. Use Critical Claim with Erik
    • If you don’t have Critical Claim on Erik. Use any move that hits multiple times.
  8. Aim to kill all the Slimes before they awake, and it’s a surefire way to get tons of EXP.

This is a very long and tedious method to set up, but increasing those levels, especially on Draconian mode, is extremely vital!

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