A Love Poem to Skadi is an event that runs from Jan. 1, 2022 to Jan. 25, 2022. It takes you on an overseas adventure to Skadi Island, where you coincidentally encounter all four male leads. Ride a hot air balloon with Artem, watch the aurora with Marius, sleep in a cabin with Luke, and let your romance bloom with Vyn in the riskiest environment.

Above all, uncover the mysteries of the haunted Manor of Hermes and obtain amazing rewards to help you further enjoy your favorite male lead. At the center of your reward collection are Lucky Fruit Tarts, event currencies used to pull for rewards from the Faerie’s Wish.

Town Jobs

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You can complete a maximum of four Town Jobs each day, and it’s highly recommended that you max out this limit. Each Job costs no AP but gives you some Lucky Fruit Tarts, while also raising Residents’ Affection. Both are key steps to raising your Reputation, which gives 200 Lucky Fruit Tarts, Lamp Lights, and S-Chips at certain level milestones.

Completing four Town Jobs will also merit you an Adorable Elf Keychain that you need to manually claim each day.

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Debate with Zangr

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One Adorable Elf Keychain can be used to Debate against Zangr to get more Lucky Fruit Tarts. Be careful as he gets stronger every time you win against him, with a maximum of 20 power raises. You need to challenge him to a Debate 15 times and win 12 times to clear the event quests. This would require a power level of 129,285. But don’t worry if you can’t defeat him in one go, as you can continue where you left off the next day.

Dispute Resolution

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A consistent way to farm Lucky Fruit Tarts is by conducting Dispute Resolutions. These are Debates that cost 20 AP each, with the hardest being a Debate against the legendary Pigeon who also appeared during the Lost Riches event. The battle isn’t easy, so prepare your deck to get the best AP to currency reward ratio.

DisputeRecommended PowerLucky Fruit Tart Reward
Dispute 0118,05140
Dispute 0236,80360
Dispute 0370,07080
Dispute 04119,144100

Even if you don’t intend to farm much Lucky Fruit Tarts, it’s best to attempt each of the above battles at least once to get a first-time reward of 40 S-Chips each.

Lucky Fruit Tart Drop Bonus

If you have any of the event SSR or R cards on your main or support deck during any event Debate, you can get a drop bonus depending on the number of upgrades on your cards.

  • SSR—Two to 10 percent
  • R—One to two percent

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