To farm Leather in V Rising, you will need to kill Wolves and Bears. Both enemies will drop Animal Fiber which is required to make Leather. Once you have Animal Fiber, you can make it into Leather by throwing it inside a Tannery.  But to make a ton of Leather, you will need a lot of Animal Hides, as it takes 16 Animal Hides to make one Leather with standard server settings. Luckily getting Animal Fiber is very easy in V Rising from both Wolves and Bears. 

How to farm Animal Hides in V Rising

To farm Animal Hides, you will need to kill Wolves and Bears that can spawn in the wild and the Forests. We also recommend farming these animals in locations where they regularly spawn, such as a Wolf Den or Bear Territories. You can find two locations for both Wolf Dens and Bear Territories below.  

How to unlock and use a Tannery in V Rising

To unlock the Tannery to make Leather in V Rising, you need to find and kill Keely the Frost Archer. You can find Keely the Frost Archer inside the Bandit Trapper Camp location in the game. After killing Keely, the Tannery will unlock and can be built for 8 Planks and 160 Animal Hides. 

How to beat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising

To beat Keely the Frost Archer, we recommend getting her to follow you into a tent. Doing so will isolate her from other Bandits and avoid her attacks. But before luring Keely into a tent, make sure to clear the area of other enemies beforehand. 

Once the area is clear, attack her and then run to a tent. It may take a few tries before she follows you fully into the tent. When she finally gets into the tent, all you need to do next is avoid her AOE attacks and keep attacking her while also dodging. Keep attacking and you will eventually beat her, but if you have any problems, try raising your Gear Level or bringing a friend to help fight her.

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