Kitaria Fables manages to be simple and complicated at the same time, leaving players to perform easy tasks but more or less letting them figure out how to do it themselves. One of these tasks that can pose some difficulty at the start of the game is farming. While the game largely requires the player to explore and adventure, farming is a great passive way to earn some Paw Coins while you’re out and about.

To get started with farming, you’ll have to first receive the quest Farming Trial from Kiki. If you’re not there yet, you won’t be able to open the box with all your farming tools. When you receive the quest, you can go to your farm (near your grandfather’s home in Paw Village).

Step #1: Get the Tools

Getting tools in Kitaria Fables

Next to the crop area are three chests. The one in the middle has all the equipment you’ll need to farm and harvest resources. The three you will need for now are the hoe, the pickaxe, and the scythe.

Step #2: Plant and Tend to the Crops

Farming in Kitaria FAbles

You’re going to start with the hoe. Equip it to your active inventory slot. Pick a spot somewhere in your field and till the land with the hoe (the highlighted area must be green, not red). When you have tilled enough squares, equip the seeds you wish to plant to your active inventory slot. You can plant multiple seeds at once by moving around to plant them in a three-by-three square. All squares highlighted in green will take one seed, so long as you have enough seeds in your inventory to fill all of them.

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You then need to tend to the crops every day until they are ready to harvest. This is simple, but it can take out a significant chunk of your day if you have a lot of crops. All you need to do is water your crops once a day until they’re done growing. An example of this can be shown in the image above on the right.

Step #3: Harvest

Harvesting in Kitaria Fables

Your last step is to harvest your crops. This is the easiest part of the entire process. When the crops are ready for harvest, you will have a prompt to harvest them when you get close enough. You can harvest them one at a time by pressing the button in the prompt, or you can harvest multiple crops at once using the scythe, as shown in the image above.

Once you have followed the guide above, you can either sell your crops for cash in your Sell Box, or use them as ingredients for other resources. During the first few hours of the game, you’ll likely be selling them. Later on, you might create entire fields of one crop just to get enough resources for an item!

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