Farming is one of the most expansive mechanics in Dinkum. The process of finding seeds, growing them, and taking care of them can be confusing. Dinkum can be difficult, but we are here with a beginner’s guide and a farming guide so you can survive the Australian Outbreak.

How to get farming tools in Dinkum

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Rayne is an NPC that will appear at the Visitor’s Tent randomly. Typically you will have a new visitor every second day once John has moved to his permanent store. Rayne will sell you the Hoe and Watering Can, as well as seeds for you to begin planting.

How to get seeds in Dinkum

Seeds can come from any plants you find throughout the whole, such as trees and bushes. The best seeds are sold by Rayne. Rayne will change her stock randomly and sell you all sorts of vegetable seeds that can be grown. Your crops can be sold for profit or cooked into meals to restore your energy.

When Rayne visits your island, you should complete a task for her each time to increase your heart with Rayne. Eventually, she will ask to open a permanent shop, with will expand her inventory of seeds and mean you no longer have to wait for her to visit.

How to farm in Dinkum

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Each crop will take a certain amount of days to grow, and some crops can only grow in certain seasons. Be sure to read the information provided by Rayne when buying seeds. To grow crops:

  • Till the land with the Hoe tool.
  • Left click the tilled land with a seed in hand to plant.
  • Use the Watering Can daily to speed up growth.
  • Once fully grown, harvest your rewards.
  • Depending on the crop, you may need to use a specific tool to harvest them. For example, Wheat requires a Scythe.

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