Harmony Shards in Lost Ark are a resource that you need in order to advance an item to a new Tier level. There are a couple of ways in which you can get these Harmony Shards in Lost Ark. Here’s a quick rundown of all of those methods.

  • Chaos Dungeons: Chaos dungeon runs give you Perception Shards that you can exchange for Harmony Shards with the Magick Scholar Jeneca in North Vern. You’ll receive Harmony Shard Pouches and Harmony Shard Leapstones in exchange for your Perception Shards. You can run Chaos dungeons twice daily.
  • Bloodstone Exchange: The Bloodstone exchange ability can be accessed only if you’re a part of a guild. Every time you donate 6,000 Silver to your guild coffers, you will receive Bloodstone. You can also earn additional Bloodstones by completing guild missions. Once you’ve received your Bloodstones, you can make your way to the guild NPC and exchange them for Harmony Shards. You will find these shards in the Honing Materials category of the Exchange Store.
  • Pirate Coins: You can earn Pirate Coins by completing quests in Blackfang’s Den and Freedom Isle. Once you’ve got a handful of Pirate Coins, you can head over to the travelling merchant vessels, like the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel, and exchange these Pirate Coins for Harmony Shards.

Other than these three methods, you can also earn a good amount of Harmony Shards by completing Island Quests and by completing your dailies, too. This crafting resource is very important, so make sure you spend them wisely.

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