To farm gold in the Witcher Monster Slayer, you will need to complete the daily contracts that appear in the game. Completing contracts will allow you to farm up a lot of gold in short amounts of time by performing certain tasks.

These tasks include in-game activities and can involve killing a specific type of monster or clearing nemetons. Each contract can also earn you around 80 gold.

Others will require you to craft items or make certain potions. All in All, contracts are easy to do. Plus, if you complete at least three each day, it can quickly become worth the time spent farming.

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As a side note, completing seven contracts and earning a stamp every day for a week can also earn you special rewards from chests.

Beyond just contracts, nemetons will be the best way to earn money or gold coins in the game. You can also earn up to 100 gold for clearing certain nemetons, but you will first need to be level 10.

At level 10, you will unlock the ability to clear nemetons which are basically dungeons with waves of monsters. The best way to get to level 10 is to simply farm monsters and use experience scrolls and other XP boosts.

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