Fuel Pool Analysis is the legendary material that only drops from fuel pool enemies in the game. That said, you can find fuel pools spawning commonly in Kikuchiba, throughout the Mid-level shopping district, and the upper construction site. 

So if you want to farm fuel pools to get Fuel Pool Analysis, you will need to start your search there. But keep in mind, you may need to kill these fuel pools more than once, as the drop is among the rarest for the other.

However, there is a way to get a higher drop rate for rare items through brain crush. So to make the most of your farming, we highly recommend using brain crush as it will force enemies to drop rare items upon death. That said, to use brain crush, you will need to do either rush follow attacks or psychokinesis follow-up attacks. 

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Using one of these attack combos will help lower an enemy’s crush bar, allowing you to use brain crush to kill them. So, If you want to do a rush follow up attack, you will need to first need to do a psychokinesis attack (RT or R2) and then hit X or square for a follow-up attack. 

For psychokinesis follow-up attacks, you will need to first land an attack with either of the main attack moves (X/Y or square/triangle) and then follow up with a psychokinesis attack (RT or R2).

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