To farm Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero, you will need to have a village? building spawn, and turn a Wheatfield into an Overgrownfield.

The Overgrown Field will spawn swarm enemies that tend to drop Orbs of Unity—because of this, Farming the swarm enemies that spawn is your best bet to farm Orbs of Unity.

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However, the building you need to spawn these enemies is tricky to get. A Village? is vastly different from the Village building that shares the same name, and so the method of getting it differs.

That said, you will need to first place down a total of 10 Forests for the A Village? building to spawn. When the A Village? spawns, build a Wheatfield next to it, and the field will become an Overgrown Field. 

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The Overgrown Field will then spawn one of the enemy types you need to farm for the orbs of unity, which is called a Field of Blades. Farm these Field of Blades of enemies to your heart’s content, and you will get the Orbs of Unity you need.

You can also farm Blood Clots and Swarm of Bats for the orbs, but the quickest is to go with Field of Blades. 

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