As you take on the hordes in Diablo Immortal, you will come across Legendary Gems. Not to be confused with Legendary Items, Legendary Gems are extremely rare drops that can significantly enhance your build and damage with unique effects. You must know how to farm Legendary Gems to get stronger.

Diablo Immortal contains normal and Legendary Gems. Normal Gems can only be slotted on secondary gear and provide a small buff. Legendary Gems can be slotted into your primary gear and will provide a significant boost to your attributes along with unique effects. Legendary Gems can be increased to Rank 10, providing huge bonuses and allowing you to awaken legendary gear.

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems Farming Guide

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Legendary Gems are primarily obtained by completing Elder Rifts with Rare Crest or Legendary Crest Modifiers. Rare Crests reward Runes and a 5% chance to drop a Legendary Gem. The more Rare Crests you use on an Elder Rift the higher the drop chance will be. Legendary Crests reward Runes and a guaranteed Legendary Gem. While this is the primary way to farm Legendary Gems, they can also be obtained by:

  • Crafting at the Apprentice Jeweler.
  • Buying from the Hilts Trader.
  • Battle Pass Rank Up Rewards.
  • Buying from the Marketplace (using Platinum currency)

How to craft Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

Crafting Legendary Gems is the most reliable way to obtain specific Legendary Gems, however you can only craft 1 Star and 2 Star Gems. To craft specific Legendary Gems, you will first need to obtain the right Runes. Runes are obtained by doing any Elder Rifts with a Rare Crest or Legendary Crest. This will drop a random assortment of runes. If you need specific runes, these can be obtained at the Fading Embers and Runes Merchant near the Elder Rift Portal.

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Here you can trade Runes for other ATI Runes, as well as buy FA Runes with Fading Embers. Once you’ve acquired the Runes you need, travel to the Apprentice Jeweler. These can be found at any of the camps in the zones or Westmarch. Select Services from the Jeweler, and on the Craft screen, select the gem you’d like to craft.

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