Bottle caps are redeemable for exclusive items in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, so you’ll want to start collecting them early on. Our guide covers how to unlock the Melynx vendor, where to find Everdens, and how to farm for bottle caps so you can unlock all the best perks.

Melynx Inc.

Through the main storyline early on in the game, you’ll meet the Melynx, a Felyne vendor who sells rare items in exchange for bottle caps. Your story quest will take you into your first Everden and explain its functions, after which you can begin accumulating bottle caps by venturing into other Everdens marked on your map.

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Everden Locations

Besides checking the map, you can also tell the difference between an Everdeen and a normal monster den by appearance alone. While monster dens are carved out of a single, jagged boulder, Everdens are made up of multiple smooth stone pillars.

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In the Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin trial version, there are three accessible Everdens:

  • Everden to the south (the first Everden you encounter via the main storyline)
  • Pona Everden to the northeast
  • North Kamuna Everden to the northwest

Spire Rock Everden is inaccessible since it is located in the water—you’ll need to return with a Monstie that can swim. Pona Everden cannot be fully explored in the trial version of the game, but you can still obtain a few bottle caps from this area.

Everdens are much bigger than regular monster dens, meaning they also contain lots of resources and different types of monsters. We recommend checking the status of your Monstie team and inventory before you head out on your bottle cap campaign. Take your time exploring these areas, since you don’t want to miss any chests containing bottle caps or other significant items. Bottle caps can be found in red treasure chests.

After you explore all three Everdens, make sure to return to Mahana Village. Go up the slope behind the Stable and speak with the “Watchful Old Man,” who will give you two egg quests and the chance to collect a few more bottle caps. Overall, you should now have a little over 40 bottle caps total.

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