In Nintendo Switch Sports, you create and play as avatars in a handful of sports. Each avatar can be customized to look like you or however you want, including their outfits. To unlock more outfits, you need customization points. This may leave you wondering how to earn customization points quickly in Nintendo Switch Sports.

To farm customization points quickly in Nintendo Switch Sports, you will need to play a lot of matches regardless of if you win or lose, you will receive points. But you will get more for winning. Typically you earn between 30 and 40 points for a game, but there are some exceptions. Unlocking a cosmetic requires 100 customization points.

Best way to unlock cosmetics quickly in Nintendo Switch Sports

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There are two best ways to quickly unlock cosmetic items in Nintendo Switch Sports. You can play Chambara and intentionally lose matches just to grind the points you get from losing. Or, if you are good at bowling, you can earn 100 points by winning a match in the bowling battle royale mode.

Unlocking cosmetics will certainly be a grind, but you will earn customization points as long as you play. Nintendo will regularly update the cosmetics with new items each Friday, meaning you can keep getting new looks as you play.

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