Trigon: Space Story gives you a lot of Credits if you know what you’re doing. Normally, Credits can be hard to come by, and the longer you’re alive in Trigon, the harder it is to survive. Luckily, we found an easy way to gain a lot of Credits.

How to get a lot of Credits in Trigon: Space Story

Getting your bounty to 6.0 or higher is the first step. Try to mess with pirates whenever you can. They can be attacked openly, stopped from raiding stations, or killed by looking for the red skulls on the map. You’ll eventually be attacked, giving you more chances to raise your bounty.

Next, you need to get near a station, which should have about four to six red skulls near it by this point. What you do from here is go from the station to a red skull and then to another. Then go back to the station, giving you three different combat encounters. When your bounty is above 6.0, you’ll get weapons from pirate ships.

The most important thing is to keep returning to the station to sell the weapons you gain from the pirates. They sell for hundreds of Credits and can easily get you to three thousand after two or three trips away from the station.

If you have a chance to trap pirates in Cryochambers, take it. It’s a good idea not to make your bounty too high, but the more Credits you have, the more you can upgrade your ship, so it won’t matter in the end.

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