How to farm Concealed Claw, Unguis, and Talon in Genshin Impact

Tsurumi Island is packed with adventures, including new enemies: Rifthounds! These fierce wolves were created by a mysterious alchemist called Gold, and they’re rumored to have also roamed Monstadt at one point. At this time, however, players can only find them in Tsurumi Island after clearing the mist through the prequest A Particularly Particular Author.

There are four types of Rifthounds that drop the same Ascension materials in three tiers: the Concealed Claw, Concealed Unguis, and Concealed Talon.

  • Rockfond Rifthound (Geo)
  • Rockfond Rifthound Whelp (Geo)
  • Thundercraven Rifthound (Electro)
  • Thundercraven Rifthound Whelp (Electro)

Rifthound Battle Mechanics

Rifthounds bring in tough mechanics to the game, making them challenging to defeat. They can inflict Corrosion, which causes the entire team to lose HP over time. This status effect ignores shields, so consider bringing a healer or a strong DPS.

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They can also accumulate Rage by being struck with the same element, which means that it’s best not to use Geo against the Rockfond Rifthounds and Electro against the Thundercraven Rifthounds. Meanwhile, like the Fatui Agent, Rifthounds can become invisible during battle, so watch out for where they may strike!

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There are 16 Wolves of the Rift (Rifthounds’ corresponding Elite Monsters) around Tsurumi Island. As you explore the map, you’ll also encounter a lot more non-Elite Rifthounds.

Image via miHoYo’s Genshin Interactive Map

Rifthound Material Drops

Rifthound materials drop in three different tiers, which depend on your Adventure Rank and corresponding World Level.

  • Rifthound Level 0+
    • Tier 1—Concealed Claw
  • Rifthound Level 40+
    • Tier 1—Concealed Claw
    • Tier 2—Concealed Unguis
  • Rifthound Level 60+
    • Tier 1—Concealed Claw
    • Tier 2—Concealed Unguis
    • Tier 3—Concealed Talon

You can also craft higher-tier materials with Alchemy. Find a crafting table in any of the main cities or your Serenitea Pot and craft with the following formulas:

  • Concealed Unguis
    • x3 Concealed Claw + 25 Mora = x1 Concelaed Unguis Heart
  • Concealed Talon
    • x3 Concealed Unguis + 50 Mora = x1 Concealed Talon

Rifthound Material Uses

You can use the Rifthounds’ material drops to Ascend the following weapons:

  • Polar Star

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