To farm Blood Essence in V Rising, you will primarily need to kill enemies. Enemies such as human bandits, wolves, and bears will drop a small amount of Blood Essence upon death. Over time, this can add up, so we recommend farming these enemies if you need Blood Essence.

Enemies will sometimes drop Tainted Hearts, and you can use these hearts to get even more Blood Essence. To turn Tainted Hearts into Blood Essence, you will need at least four and a Blood Press. You can make the Blood Press you need by opening the build menu by pressing B. Under the build menu, you will need to open the Refinement tab and find the Blood Press.

Building the Blood Press will require 12 Planks and 120 Stone. Once placed, open the Blood Press up and place your four Tainted Hearts inside. Doing so will start the refinement process inside the Blood Press, and the end result will be a whole lot of Blood Essence.

However, you may have noticed Tainted Hearts are not the only thing you can turn into Blood Essence. You can turn Rats into Blood Essence if you have at least four Rats. Getting rats is also easy as they tend to show up in camps and other locations. You can Rats too using a Vermin Nest for 12 Plant fibers and 12 Bones. We don’t recommend farming Rats because of the cost of using Bones and Plant Fibers and you only get 10 blood essence for four rats.

How to use Blood Essence in V Rising

Once you have Blood Essence in V Rising, you can use it by heading back to your base and locating your Caste Heart. Open the Castle Heart by pressing the F key and start transferring the Blood Essence inside it. Starting out, you can only fill two slots of the Castle Heart with two stacks of Blood Essence. Two stacks of Blood Essence will be enough to keep your base alive for two days. Luckily you can upgrade the Castle Heart using various materials to unlock more Blood Essence slots.

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