Aeos Coins will be the easiest of the three currencies for players to farm and stack up in the upcoming MOBA game, Pokémon Unite. Aeos Coins can be used to obtain just about anything in the game. These coins can be exchanged for Unite Licenses at the Unite Battle Committee, which allows Trainers to take their Pokémon into battle, or players use them to purchase Pokémon Held Items and Fashion Items to customize their Trainers. There are many ways for players to earn Aeos Coins, so stacking them up will be quite easy and a lot of fun, to say the least! Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to farm Aeos Coins in Pokémon Unite.

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Screenshot of Pokemon Unite beta gamplay
  • Play Battles
    • Victories in the battle arena will be the simplest and easiest way for players to win big with Aeos Coins. Just battling Pokémon in the arenas, which players will be doing during most of their gameplay, is a chance to earn up to 2100 Aeos Coins a week!
  • Complete Missions
    • Multiple daily objectives will grant players with prizes upon their completion. Certain missions will award players with Aeos Coins, but these missions are time sensitive and will expire at the day’s end, so be sure to take advantage of these easy payouts.

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Screenshot of Pokemon Unite beta gameplay
  • Participate in Special Events
    • Gamers will be presented with invitations to special events that give the opportunity to win unique items and rewards, including Aeos Coins.
  • Competing and Ranking In Ranked Matches
    • Ranked matches will contest Trainers with opponents of the same rank, to battle it out for a chance to rack up in some of the game’s best rewards. Just competing in these battles will dispense out some extra coins, but climbing up the Battle Ranks of these matches by dominating in the arenas, will ultimately allot players with the highest amount Aeos Coins.

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