Lost Ark is filled with content, and a lot of it opens up after you clear Luterra Castle. One thing that you gain access to is Ability Stones. This quest becomes available during the Rebuilding Luterra Castle questline. But you may be wondering how to get Ability Stones in Lost Ark.

To facet and get Ability Stones in Lost Ark, you will need to go to Prosperity Plaza in Luterra Castle. Speak to Brite, who is standing on the right side of the plaza. Here, you can facet Ability Stones.

How to get Ability Stones in Lost Ark

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To facet an Ability Stone, you will need an Ability Stone such as the Stone of Endurance and to go to Brite. There you have three effects you can facet the stone with. These will change depending on the stone you use. Two of these are positive effects, while one is a negative effect.

All three effects must have their sockets faceted until completion. Each facet attempt affects the chance of success. Your first attempt is a 75 percent chance of success and cracking. If you succeed, the chance decreases by 10 percent, and failing increases the chance by 10 percent. Each attempt costs 50 silver.

If you succeed in faceting an Ability Stone over 8, 9, 10 times on positive effects, you gain a bonus. These:

  • 8 – Vitality + 45
  • 9 – Vitality + 90
  • 10 – Vitality + 135

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