With so many different types of Monsties available in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, it can be difficult deciding which creatures to raise and which ones to let go of to make room in the Stables. Luckily, there’s a way to increase your Stable capacity and your number of Monsties—all you have to do is complete a story quest early on in the game.

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Meet the Melynx

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Before you leave your starting area, Mahana Village, you’ll be introduced to a Felyne who runs Melynx Inc. The Melynx is a vendor who sells special items, like unique armors and weapons, hairstyles, and more, in exchange for bottle caps. You can obtain bottle caps from Everdens, which are special monster dens scattered around the world.

Through the main story quest, you’ll visit your first Everden and automatically receive 10 bottle caps. Afterwards, return to the Melynx to expand your Stable. Stable Blueprint 1 is available for purchase under the Exchange for Items tab, at the cost of five bottle caps.

Stable Size Upgrade

The default Stable size allows for 12 Monsties. The Stable Blueprint 1 increases this number to 24, so you can hold double the amount of Monsties just for turning in a few bottle caps!

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