Inventory management is a key part of any game. In Monster Harvest you start with a small amount of inventory space. Luckily you can expand this as your progress as you will find yourself collecting a lot of materials.

To do so, you have to go to the general store. There you can purchase backpacks that will upgrade your inventory and allow you to carry more. Purchasing a backpack will not change your character model.

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There are three backpack upgrades available to you and you must purchase them in order with each increasing in price. The first upgrade costs 1,000, the second 2,500, and the third costs 4,500. Once you purchase an upgrade, the next one becomes available. Each upgrade will expand your inventory by one row. Your toolbar contains twelve slots while each additional row will only contain eight.

Upgrading and expanding your inventory is a great quality of life feature that will reduce having to backtrack. This especially comes in handy while dungeon diving as you don’t have to make a choice on which treasure to bring back with you. Fully upgrading your inventory will allow you to carry up to thirty-six different items.

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