In the Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 patch, a brand new weapon was added, the Shadow Pinion. And along with this new weapon, developer Poncle also added a new evolution for the weapon.

That evolution is the Valkyrie Turner, and it turns an already technical weapon into a machine for mass destruction. Keep reading to find out how to unlock the Shadow Pinion and evolve it into the Valkyrie Turner.

How to unlock the Shadow Pinion

To unlock the Shadow Pinion, the first step is to unlock Concetta Caciotta. This character is unlocked by finding her Coffin in Gallo Tower.

Next, to unlock the Shadow Pinion for all characters, you need to survive on any level with Concetta Caciotta for 15 minutes. Then after starting a stage with any character, you’ll have access to the Shadow Pinion.

Evolving the Valkyrie Turner

With the Shadow Pinion Unlocked, you’ll need to get the weapon to level eight. Next, you’ll need to have the passive item, Wings, equipped. Previously the Wings were one of the less useful items in the game, as it only added movement speed. Now the Wings are an essential part of the steps to unlock the Shadow Pinion evolution.

Once you’ve got the wings, pick up any Chest to have a chance of unlocking the Valkyrie Turner. The Valkyrie Turner works in a similar way to the Shadow Pinion, except the flames it spawns damage anyone even before you fire them using the mouse.

How to get the Wings

The Wings are a passive item unlocked by getting any character to level five on any stage. Once unlocked, they can be found as a random upgrade. They can also be found as a stage item in the Dairy Plant, but by the time you’ve unlocked the Dairy Plant, you should have already unlocked the Wings.

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