Evolution is one of the staple features of the Pokémon franchise. Certain species in the franchise evolve once specific criteria, granting them increased power, new forms, and occasionally unique moves that were otherwise unobtainable. Pokémon evolve differently in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, so make sure you know how to bolster your companions in this mainline entry.

After players have finished hitting the requirements necessary for a Pokémon’s next phase, they can initiate Pokémon evolutions by heading to their satchel and selecting Evolve after selecting the desired Pokémon.

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While many Pokémon evolve after leveling up, others require specific items and conditions to hit the next phase in their life cycle, so make sure you know how each Pokémon on your team evolves before resuming your journey through the Hisui region. Hisuian Sneasel, for example, can only evolve into Sneasler when exposed to a Razor Claw during the day. With over 200 Pokémon to catalog and collect, there are many unique methods to transform these wild creatures.

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