Evolution is much different in Pokémon Legends: Arceus compared to any of the other mainline games. Here, you need to meet specific requirements before the Pokémon is ready to evolve. And Hisuian Basculin, the regional variant, is a very unique Pokémon to evolve even for Hisui’s standards.

To evolve Basculin, your Pokémon needs to take at least 290HP of recoil damage without fainting. The best moves to do this are Double-Edge and Wave Crash. If you want to play it safe and slow, spam the attacks on the weak Pokémon in the Fieldlands. Otherwise, you can use Wave crash against 10 or so Pokémon in the higher-leveled areas. Just be careful!

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Depending whether your Basculin is male or female, you get a slightly different design. The male Basculegion has red stripes while the female one has white ones. You’ll also see a slight difference in face shape.

Basculegion is weak to Grass and Electric types but deals more damage against so much more: Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice. It’s a very good Pokémon to have for battling. Basculegion’s only con is that it’s a little slow.

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