Many of the weapons in Vampire Survivors are able to evolve but require some steps to do so. They must be leveled up to eight, have the correct Accessory equipped, and then open a chest after the 10 minute mark. So how do players evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors?

Soul Eater

The final form of the Garlic weapon that deals area of effect damage to enemies around the player is called Soul Eater. The strength of the weapon increases anytime that players recover HP, making the Bloody Tear a perfect weapon to combine along with it.

Players can evolve a level eight Garlic weapon as long as they carry the Pummarola Accessory that increases the range of their weapons.

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Players can start with Garlic equipped when playing as Poe who is unlocked after leveling up the weapon to at least level seven and then purchasing him in the shop. He starts with 30 less HP but has a high pickup radius of 25 percent. Poe costs 800 Gold and may not unlock after leveling Garlic up to eight the first time if players unlock multiple other characters at once.

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