In Greak: Memories of Azur, you cannot evade in the game’s first area, the intro, where you meet up with your sister. You can press all the buttons on the controller or keyboard, but none will let you evade or dodge. Meaning you’ll be trading blows against the plague monsters that invest in that area, but they are easy to dispatch

You can only start evading when you gain control once again when you wake up in Raven’s Road Camp. To evade, you press Y on controller and Q on keyboard. This will cause a forward front roll to occur. You cannot roll backward, only forwards.

Now you can dodge enemy attacks as you see fit. When you perform this evasive maneuver, you will move straight through enemies without taking any damage at all—if an enemy is about to attack, rolling will make you impervious to harm.

But you are only invulnerable only during the act of rolling. If your timing is off and you roll into an attack, you will get hit and remember you are extremely squishy in Greak.

Each character has a different evade skill. Greak evades by forward rolling, Adara by backstepping, and Raydel doesn’t evade but blocks with his shield.

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