Equipping mods in Jupiter Hell may be the difference between life and death, as all weapons can be modded.

On your inventory screen, on the Equipment menu, when highlighting a gun slot, the weapon stats will appear on the right side of the screen. At the bottom of the stat list, it will have Mod information along with a number. Normally, most guns and armor can equip four mods in total.

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To equip a mod is incredibly straightforward. On the inventory screen, when you have found a mod, all you have to do is press A or Enter on the mod. Upon doing so, another screen will appear, a list of the weapons/armor that has space for said mod. Select the one you want, and press A or Enter.

Depending on the mod, another menu will appear where you can select multiple modifications. This will change depending on the type of weapon it is. For example, the Accuracy Mod pack, when used on a 9mm Pistol weapon and Basic Armor, gives the following choices:

  • Accuracy Mod Pack
    • Weapon—9mm Pistol
      • Calibrated Level 1—Increases optimal range
      • Stabilzed Level 1—Increases maximum range
    • Basic Armor
      • Swift—Reduced dodge penalties
      • Painkiller—increases pain reduction per turn by 50 percent.

If you get the same mod and put it on the same weapon/armor, you’ll be able to Level up that mod, so turn Calibrated Level 1 into Calibrated Level 2. If you then go back and look at the weapon stats, anything in blue will be the modification change/increase, and above the stats will be the mod in question.

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