In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, your Rider is constantly on display—for better or for worse. When other characters are designed to perfection, it can be jarring to see your protagonist suddenly appear in an important cutscene sporting a distractingly hideous outfit. This is where Layered Armor comes in handy.

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What is Layered Armor?

Layered Armor only alters the appearance of your character—it does not provide any stats of its own. If you have an armor set equipped because it’s strong, but you hate the look of it, you can use Layered Armor to disguise the first set (while keeping all of the great defensive perks).

How to equip Layered Armor

You can alter the appearance of your clothes (including Layered Armor) by interacting with the chest inside your home, from any home region or village in the game. From the chest menu, go to Appearance and select Layered Armor. Here, you can select a Layered Armor to equip your Rider with, or remove one currently being worn.

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How to get more Layered Armor sets

The first obtainable Layered Armor is the Mahana Outfit, featured in the game’s opening cutscene, and is sold by Melynx Inc. You can buy this cosmetic in exchange for five bottle caps.

Other methods of getting Layered Armor include:

  • Using Monster Hunter Stories 2 amiibos (Ena, Razewing Ratha, Tsukino) at the Prayer Pot—gives Ena and Kyle Layered Armors, Red Layered Armor, and Tsukino Layered Armor
  • Linking your Monster Hunter Stories 2 save data with that of Monster Hunter Rise on your Nintendo Switch—gives Kamura Garb Layered Armor
  • Buying the Deluxe Edition of Monster Hunter Stories 2, or purchasing DLC—gives Razewing Alpha and Razewing Beta Layered Armors
  • Visiting the Layered Armor Smithy in Lulucion (the Hunter’s City)—gives Layered Armors that you must have already forged yourself

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