In Horizon Forbidden West, players can equip Aloy with Face Paints. These change the look of Aloy’s face and can be equipped in a few different places around the map. Face Paint Merchants can be found in The Bulwark, Thronmarsh, and Scalding Spear and will allow players to purchase, equip, and change Aloy’s Face Paints.

What do Face Paints do in Horizon Forbidden West?

Face Paints add another layer of customization for Horizon Forbidden West players, but they seem to be just cosmetic for now. Aloy has a range of face paints to choose from in Horizon Forbidden West for a relatively low price (anywhere between one and ten Metal Shards), making it a great way for players to feel more connected to the character they are playing.

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Other items that change the look of the character, like armor and weapons, have a far greater impact on gameplay but Face Paints are still fun to play around with, even if it is just for its aesthetics.

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