Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands continues to raise the bar for the Borderlands franchise. One aspect that is a notable improvement over previous entries is being able to enchant and reroll enchantments on select pieces of gear. Enchantments can completely make or break a build, so having that little bit of control is huge for the looter shooter.

After completing the main campaign, the ability to enchant/reroll enchantments is unlocked. It is available at the Blacksmith in Brighthoof or within the Chaos Chamber. The Blacksmith is where players had previously upgraded their inventory space, and the Chaos Chamber is located within Brighthoof Castle.

Enchantments can be applied to the following:

  • Weapons
  • Wards
  • Spells

Applying an enchantment costs Moon orbs, an end-game currency. Enchanting or rerolling an enchantment starts off at two moon-orbs, but the price will double each time. So, Fatebringers that are fortunate enough to get a good roll early on are in luck, whereas others chasing a specific enchantment may end up spending quite a bit. Enemies drop moon orbs at higher levels and when the Fatebringer has a higher loot luck rating.

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