When playing Pet Simulator X, enchanting your pets can be a really handy way to enhance your earnings and gameplay. While it may seem daunting to try and figure out how to enchant your pets, it’s pretty easy. Just read the tips below!

What is Enchanting?

Enchantments are special boosts that your pets can receive in the game. It is sort of like leveling up your pet in specific areas. You can improve their strength, speed, or group damage. You can also increase their earning of diamonds, coins, and much more. These enchantments can really change your experience of the game!

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How to Enchant

To start the enchanting process, you’ll need to be in the Fantasy Zone. It is a recently added area located in a new part of the map at the end. Make sure you have plenty of coins available to unlock zones along the way and to shoot from the cannon. Once you arrive there, you will see the enchanting circle to the left.

When you approach the Enchanting Circle, you’ll get a window that shows you enchanting options. You will see a list of your pets and can select which one you want to choose for enchantment. This costs 10,000 diamonds. Once you confirm, you’ll get an enchantment based on the random chance of the spinning wheel.

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