In the game No More Heroes 3, the primary method of regaining your health both during and in-between battles is to eat sushi provided by Don-Mai Sushi stands. However, not everyone knows that Sushi not only replenishes your health but also provides helpful buffs that could change the tide of battle. In this guide, we explain how to eat sushi during battle.

First, to get sushi, you need to purchase it from the Don Mai sushi stands. There are many sushi locations throughout the map. When you approach one, simply press A on your controller to enter. From here, you will be able to purchase different kinds of sushi. You can switch between tabs by pressing the Right and Left Bumpers on your controller. One tab is Takeout, and the other is Eat-In.

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How to Eat Takeout During Battle

Eating Sushi during battle in No More Heroes 3

After you have purchased Takeout sushi, you can consume it during battle. When you are battling, use the Right Arrow and Left Arrow (on the left joy-con) to switch between the active sushi (shown in the image above). When you have found the one you want to consume, press the Up Arrow. Your character will take a bit to eat it, which leaves you vulnerable in battle. For this reason, it’s best to eat it when you have a few moments behind cover.

That’s all there is to eating sushi during battle!

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