Eating and drinking are essential in Breakwaters to fill up your hunger and thirst gauges. If any of these gauges empties, you will begin to lose your health constantly until you have some sustenance in you.

To eat food, you have a few options depending on if you are playing with a mouse and keyboard or a controller.

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On keyboard, if you have food in your item bar at the bottom of the screen, you can hit that number the food is on, which will automatically eat it—if berries are on number 3—hit number 3.

When using a controller, you can hold down RB. This will enlarge and highlight the item bar, and you can scroll through the eight items using the d-pad or analog stick, then press X to use. This can also be done on keyboard by holding down Ctrl. This makes the mouse cursor appear, allowing you to click on the item you want to use.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

You can also open up your inventory by pressing TAB or the back button on controller. Highlight the item you want to eat/drink—it will have a blue border around it—then Right Click or press X to use it.

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